Discover Non Surgical Relief of Chronic Back Pain

Discover Non Surgical Relief of Chronic Back Pain, Herniated Discs, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Spinal Stenosis, and Even Failed Back Surgery

Back Pain, Disc Pain, Spinal Stenosis Pain, and Other Back and Nerve Pain Suffers Have Found Relief With Spinal Decompression Treatment Even When Other Treatments Have Failed… Even Failed Surgery

Thousands of People have found lasting back pain relief with non surgical spinal decompression. So much so that nearly every major news network has premiered the treatment as a one of the largest medical breakthroughs of the decade.

Finally there is an alternative. There is a method that can succeed even if you’ve been told you have to live with it, that there was nothing else to do, or that there was no hope.

There may be hope if you:

  • Have chronic back pain that you have been told you have to live with.
  • If you have tried chiropractic, massage, injections, therapy, needle injections, and even surgery and have not had ANY results what so ever.
  • Have a situation with your pain that you have been told that spinal surgery is your only option.
  • You have tried everything else and failed to get rid of the pain.

Now you can try the Revolutionary Back Pain Relief Treatment that is non surgical, non invasive, and best of all it gives new hope, even when other pain relief treatments have failed.  Finally a solution that reveres the compressive forces that push, pinch, and irritate nerves in the back that cause irritractable pain.

What exactly does that mean?

If you suffer from any kind of compression related issue and are found to be a good candidate, chances are that you may get significant relief like the majority of people do.  In fact many get back to 100% pain free in just a few weeks.

The reality is that most pain is caused by pressure. When someone has chronic back pain, herniated or bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, or spinal stenosis the majority of cases are compression related. Depending on the extent of the compression and pinching determines if you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

Most treatments don’t decompress the problem. They may work to minimize pain, restore function, but never truly deal with the pressure of gravity. Non surgical decompression actually reverses the pressure in the back and RESTORES disc height.

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Get the full story today!

We’ve created a free report and DVD that explains everything. Medical science has been moving so fast that many doctors aren’t even aware of the advances in treating severe and chronic back pain.

Why should you request this free report?  It will show you…

  • How Technology Is Reversing Pressure In The Back
  • Discover How Discs are Regaining Height Without Surgery
  • How Effective Is Spinal Decompression Compared to the Alternatives
  • What the Long Term Effect of Spinal Decompression Is
  • And More…

You can see how these peoples lives have changed. You could be next. There’s really no reason why you have to live with your back unless you don’t know the facts. Now that you understand the facts and have the secrets that thousands of people have found to get their lives back on track, maybe today is when your search ends.

Take a minute right now and read how the people below no longer have to worry about their back pain, sciatica, nerve pain and other back problems…

” I would strongly suggest to anyone that has neck or back pain to look into seeing Dr. Donath.”

“I am a 36 year old male who has had on and off back problems for at least 15 years.  Until recently the pain was manageable.  Then towards the end of 2007 I had severe pain in my back.  The pain was so intense that I had to be rushed to the hospital.  I was told I had a herniated disk in my back that caused the pain.  My back did get better but in three months the pain was back and even the treatments I did that used to get my back better did not work.   I was told I needed an operation.  I heard about spinal decompression and looked it up.  I found Dr. Donath’s number and scheduled and appointment.   During my visit, Dr. Donath explained my condition in great detail and instructed me on how his treatment would get me healthy.  I noticed improvement after each treatment and about 2/3 into treatment I was virtually pain free.  Now that I am done with the treatments I am back to normal.  I would strongly suggest to anyone that has neck or back pain to look into seeing Dr. Donath.  Especially those people who are told to have an operation.  Dr. Donath’s decompression treatment along with exercise schedule made me better and I believe he can do the same for you as well. “
Chris T. Tappan, NY

“I am literally pain free and walking again just fine… “

“I went to Dr. Donath’s office with a great deal of skepticism.  I had been through four epidurals within a three month period with no results. I had a large herniated disc at L5-S1, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease throughout my lumbar spine. I was told by two different surgeons that surgery was my only option.  Being apprehensive of spinal surgery, I thought I would have to live with this constant sciatic pain.  I was taking up to 10 Vicodin a day with little or no effect on the pain and had to use a cane to help me walk.  I read an article in the daily paper about spinal decompression and after researching on the internet, I contacted Dr. Donath for a consult.  At that point, I felt I had nothing else to lose.  As it turned out, it has proven to be a great decision. After treatment with Dr. Donath, I am resuming my daily activities and I’m back to a normal lifestyle.  I am literally pain free and walking again just fine. “
Joseph D. Mount Vernon, NY

“I cancelled my surgery appointment and have never looked back…”

“In March of this year I accompanied my wife to her appointment with Dr. Donath. This coincidental meeting changed my life. At that time I had scheduled an appointment to see a back surgeon about my chronic back pain. Dr. Donath spoke to me about an alternative to surgery called Spinal Decompression Therapy. I cancelled my surgery appointment and have never looked back. In January 2007 I was out of work for five weeks due to a flare up in my back caused by an auto accident in 2001. I was on pain killers for over four months. In January 2007 I had 14 spinal injections. Needless to say I was in bad shape and feeling desperate enough to consider surgery. After many treatments the amount of pain killers reduced to none. The treatment to treatment time declined in number from three times a week to two to one to once every other week. I have many totally pain free days. Occasionally I have a moderate flare up generally caused by my over confidence. We address it and my life goes on. I’m great.”
Leonard P. New Rochelle, NY

“Being a 25 year old mixed martial arts fighter”

” I am always putting my body at risk for serious injuries. One day while sparring with a partner I took an unexpected fall on top of my head. I immediately felt pain and numbness racing down my shoulder and into my right arm and thumb.  I continued to train in constant pain for 6 months. During that time I racked up more shoulder and neck injuries until I could barely turn my head. The constant pain and numbness were unbearable. I searched the web for a solution in my area and discovered Dr. Donath.  Dr. Donath seemed like a very knowledgeable doctor so I agreed to get the MRI and find out what was really wrong with me. The MRI showed that I had severely ruptured a cervical disc at C5-C6 and it was having a mass effect on a nerve. I also had trapped nerves in my chest and shoulder that were adding to the pain. Dr. Donath treated me with spinal decompression as well as active release therapy. In the beginning I didn’t notice much of a difference and then a few weeks into treatment I woke up without pain. I was easily able to turn my head again and the numbness was completely gone. I really believe that if I had just had spinal decompression without active release therapy I wouldn’t have had half the results. Dr. Donath’s hands on techniques work. He knew exactly which techniques were going to work. He is an amazing doctor and can help with all of your neck and shoulder problems. I am certain if it weren’t for him, I would have needed surgery.”
Michael D.  White Plains, NY

“After 2 treatments with Dr. Donath I felt significant relief…”

“I have 4 herniated discs in my cervical spine and for the past 5-6 yrs have been experiencing various manifestations of this……..from severe arm pain to numbness and tingling and decreased motor coordination. For at least one year I saw an ad for spinal decompression by a chiropractor in White Plains and one day I decided to call and make an appointment for information and an evaluation. After 2 treatments with Dr. Donath I felt significant relief in my neck and shoulders; I could actually turn my head without thinking about it!   After my prescribed treatment course I am feeling better than I ever thought possible. I am so thankful for this technology and the new me after this treatment.”
Janet B.  Brewster, NY

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