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In sports chiropractic practice, where patients are athletes  with more highly developed neuromusculoskeletal body systems and demands, there is a focus not only on management of injuries but also on prevention of injury and optimum performance. A major aspect of this is ensuring correct biomenchanical range of motion, balence and strength. For injury prevention and optimal performance, many athletes now regualry seek Chiropractic assessment immediately prior to major competitive performances.
Below please find a fairly complete but not exhaustive list of injuries and conditions commonly seen in our office.

  • Foot injuries such as plantarfasciitis and achilles tendonitis.
  • Ankle sprains
  • Shin splints
  • Calf injuries such as soleus and gastroc tears. ie tennis leg
  • Knee pain- Patella ( kneecap) tendon soreness, cartilage and ligament sprains, chondromalacia.
  • Leg muscles- hamstring, quadriceps, groin and ITB injuries and strains
  • Hip Pain from arthritis, strains or muscle injury
  • Lower back conditions. Pain from sciatica, muscle spasms, piriformis syndrome, slipped discs, joint injuries
  • Mid back and rib injuries
  • Shoulder pain from Rotator cuff syndromes, muscle strains, frozen shoulder, swimmers shoulder
  • Elbow discomfort from tennis, golf and little league baseball
  • Wrist pain from carple tunnel, tendons and muscle pulls.
  • Neck pain such as burners, whiplash, muscle spasms, arthritis and slipped discs
  • TMJ


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